Travel: To plan or not to plan?

“Live in the moment” “Where’s the fun in knowing what you’ll be doing exactly?” “Travel should be unplanned” I often hear these statements from travelers, armchair travelers, people I meet at the gym, backpacking neighbor, aunty at the pool and everybody else who attempts a conversation with me about a place they want to visit. […]

Travel Story: Perspective is everything

Three years ago, I went to Norway.  The best way to see this beautiful country is as the locals do – pick up a car and drive. So we did just that. From Oslo we mapped our way to the North, pit stopping at camping grounds by the many Fjords to rest for the night […]


Few months ago I met an old friend who wanted to take his 13-year-old on a journey to explore the world. And he was looking for travel ideas. The choices laid down were Milan or Paris to shop and take in a fashion show or two. I asked him to reject both and take her […]

Marrakech: DIY guide

To me, the very tone of Marrakech sounded like a mystical, elusive world from another time, and the city lived up to this imagination. Marrakech is the most known and diverse destination in Morocco, Northern Africa. This city is usually a stop before roughing it up at the Atlas mountains. As soon as you walk […]

When I was “chosen” for a random security check

Three years ago, I very eagerly planned a visit to Norway, Svalbard, and Finland. After waiting 28 days (the longest ever) for my visa and going through a series of mixed emotions from hope to denial to planning a just-in-case-it-all-goes-south trip to Eastern Europe, I finally got the call. My visa was here! Thinking the […]

Places to see: Jardin Majorelle, Marrakech

Marrakech is brown. Especially in May. In the heart of this arid and earthy city, is a small botanical garden full of colors and impeccable design. Jardin Majorelle is a 12-acre garden crafted by French painter Jacques Majorelle. Curating thisuniquegarden to perfection took Jacques over 40 years. The brown outside does nothing to prepare you for […]

Lessons in happiness from a Cambodian guide

I was introduced to Mr. D in Cambodia as my tour guide by Borei Angkor (fantastic place to stay btw). For the next three days, Mr. D and I were to tour Siem Reap and temples at the Angkor. What I found was a man in his early thirties, all smiles, jazz hands extended up […]


Tools used: pencil + 0.7 black gel pen + acrylic colors


Tools used: pencil + 0.7 black gel pen      


Tools used: pencil, 0.7 black gel pen

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