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Cordoba is a small city in Andalucia (Southern Spain) with a fascinating history. But my takeaway from this beautiful city is that flowers make everything pretty. This city has many narrow cobbled pathways dotted with homes of different colors. Every home is filled with uniquely shaped planters, vibrant flowers, quirky garden accessories, and fluffy dogs. […]


Chinese Whisper – Deccan Herald


China: 2 week DIY budget guide

China is a land of beautiful contradictions. From the ultra modern skyline in Shanghai to the culturally rooted Beijing, urbanized Xi’an to the ancient Qing-dynasty town of Pingyao, hole-in-the-wall tea houses sharing boundaries with new age karaoke bars, this country is an experience. FACTS: Cost: Approximately  ₹ 2.8 lacs for two people including tickets, stay, food, […]


Terrorism, tourism and life of a Moroccan camel caretaker

Ahmed is a camel caretaker and tour operator in the Sahara Desert, Morocco. He is 16 years old and loves music. Specifically, rock. He has two camels – Jimi Hendrix and Bob Marley. He takes pride in knowing that he looks like a mini Jimi Hendrix. The bond he shares with Jimi and Bob is […]


Turkey: 2 week DIY budget guide

The most attractive thing about Turkey are the variety of experiences here. Most countries are known for one strong aspect that overrules others – like art and architecture, or landscapes, or hiking trails or pristine beaches. But Turkey is the perfect mix of all. From hot air balloon rides over caves to ancient history, culture, […]


My pseudo mom is a Russian

Every country has its own take on wellness — this is a personal travel discovery. And as a spa bum, it’s imperative that I visit the local spot. From Turkish hammams, Finnish sauna, Khmer massage, Chinese reflexology, every experience is unique (some painful) and a story for later. Russia has a bathing ritual which by far is the […]

darth vader


I love the street art culture. In my travels, I prefer to spend most of my time listening to street musicians, watching mime artists do their thing, and if they will let me, jam with some. One day last summer, after a quick breakfast of soupy noodles accompanied by some awesome live saxophone tunes, I […]


Here’s why you never mess with the Chinese

In China when you go to any park, you’ll come across a bunch of people practicing Tai chi. Age / gender no bar, It’s a treat to watch them execute these fluid movements in perfect harmony, and totally badass!! I wanted to capture this beautiful art and chose this gentleman as my muse. To mess […]


How this Canadian traveler lives her unscripted life

They say travel gives you exposure. To me, the people I meet in my trails give me perspective more than anything. Three years ago, I met a lovely Canadian woman on an overnight bus to Cappadocia from Pammukale in Turkey. Let’s call her Ms. S. Once we settled in for a long journey, S and […]