Neuschwanstein castle, Bavaria

Neuschwanstein castle, Bavaria


The #neuschwanstein castle built by Ludwig II 👑in Bavaria, Germany. Walt Disney’s logo is inspired by this castle. Gorgeous views and a crazy history lesson to go with it. Ludwig II was so eccentric that he was and is still referred to as the mad king. In his short life of 40 years he went about building castles and castles. This one in particular was the most dramatic. Unfortunately his death came before completion of this castle. Right opposite was his summer castle #Hohenschwangou. He would monitor the construction of neuschwanstein through a telescope placed at a window which is still there! He died almost bankrupt as he used his personal money to build the castles rather than the kingdom’s wealth. His death was just as mysterious as his life. Two days after deemed unfit to rule and evicted , his psychiatrist and him went for a walk one afternoon and never came back. Their bodies were found in the lake nearby. Till date nobody knows what happened.

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